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Health & Wellness : Intellectual

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness encourages learning and inspires exploration. This module includes activities and resources to help you develop your intellectual wellness.


What is Intellectual Wellness?

It is important to explore new ideas and perspectives in order to become more mindful and better-rounded. Having an optimal level of intellectual wellness inspires exploration. Intellectual wellness also stimulates curiosity, which is important because it motivates you to try new things and develop an understanding of how you see the relationship between yourself, others, and the environment.


Here are some activities that you can try to stimulate your mind:

  • Visit a museum or gallery.You can find museums and galleries near you - open in a new tab on a variety of subjects, from science to local history. You can also virtually explore museums, art, and scenery from around the world in the virtual tours at Google Arts & Culture - open in a new tab
  • Attend a cultural event.Explore new ideas while engaging with the community.
  • Participate in a hands-on activity.Many people learn by doing. Learn something new or improve your knowledge by doing and practicing.
  • Read a new book. You can check out a book or download an ebook from your college library or your local public library.
  • Participate in a discussion group.Many courses include discussion groups for talking about class topics. You can also join a group like a book club to discuss topics for your own enjoyment.
  • Try brain training exercises. You can sign up for a daily email of brain training exercises, or download an app.
  • Try a fun activity that makes you think.Play a board game. Try a puzzle (jig saw, crossword, Sudoku, etc.).
  • Try a free online course. There are many websites with courses that are either partially or entirely free, such as Coursera - open in a new tab, edX - open in a new tab, and Codecademy - open in a new tab.

How to Spark Your Curiosity, Scientifically

Watch this video to learn about how to spark curiosity with hands-on experiments.