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The Well-being Assessment was adapted by The Learning Portal from the Princeton UMatter Wellness Self-Assessment - open in a new tab with permission. It is excluded from the Creative Commons license of The Learning Portal.

With the exception of the following content, all questions and categories were created by Princeton:

  • The category of Financial Wellness and all questions, feedback, and other content associated with this category
  • The name of the Career Wellness category, which has been changed from Occupational Wellness in the original document.
  • The assessment name, introduction, and instructions have been modified.
  • The end feedback, which has been slightly modified to refer to Learning Portal resources.
  • The Congratulations page, which was written by The Learning Portal
  • The form fields and instructions to write instead of draw in the PDF Wellness Guide, which were added to the document created by Princeton

Princeton UMatter Initiative. (2016). Princeton UMatter Wellness Self-Assessment. Retrieved from - open in a new tab


This hub was created by Cambrian College opens in new window in Sudbury, Ontario.

Cambriam College Wellness

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