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Taking a Test or Exam: sub-module 4 of 4 of studying and test-taking

This module will explain some test-taking strategies that will help you improve your test scores. Research shows that the way we approach tests and exams can have a huge impact on the outcome.


  • Get enough sleep.You will be better able to answer questions if you are rested and alert.
  • Read each question carefully.Make sure you understand the question before you answer it.
  • Answer the questions you know first.Start with the questions you know. Answer the harder questions next.

Preparing for Tests and Exams

Online Tests: How to Prepare for Success

Watch this video to discover strategies to prepare for an online test or exam.

What to Do Before the Test

Watch this video to learn good pre-test habits that can help you prepare for tests.

What to Do During the Test

Watch this video to learn some strategies that you can use during a test to improve your performance.