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Group Work (Module 8 of 9)

Group work can really be a pain. When group projects are assigned, many people’s first reaction is, “Ugh, why me?” Unequal contribution from group members, conflict in the group, and one group member who disappears off the face of the earth - these are all possibilities in a group project. You also don’t usually have a choice in your group members; your group might be random, based on skill, or just based on who was closest to you. It all contributes to group work’s bad rap.

Luckily, there are ways to make your group work run more smoothly. This module will show you how to have a better group work experience.

Top Tips

  • Get on the same page about group expectations.Discussing expectations, dividing roles and responsibilities, and creating a timeline can help you work as a team.
  • Great teams work together, not against each other.You can avoid a lot of conflict if you discuss expectations and responsibilities when you start your project and have empathy for group members.
  • Don’t get derailed by disorganization.Set an agenda to keep your meetings on-track, and take notes to remember what you discussed.