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Reading & Note-taking (Module 4 of 9)

In a college program there is a lot of material to learn and understand. Whether you are trying to absorb information in class or trying to understand the material in your textbook, study techniques can make learning easier. This unit explains strategies for taking notes in class and for reading your textbook.

Top Tips

  • Make use of class AND textbooks. Read the assigned reading before class to help you understand the lecture, or read it after class to fill in the gaps.
  • Ask questions.Clarify anything you have questions about while you have the opportunity, so that you don’t record it incorrectly.
  • Remember your eText.If you have an eText, you can take notes using built-in tools, and you can have the textbook with you during class whenever you need it.
  • Monitor battery life.Make sure your laptop or tablet has enough power to get you through class. You don’t want to lose notes because your battery has died.