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Deciding What To Study: sub-module 1 of 4 of studying and test-taking

This module will help you determine what material to study, and what order you should study it in. Before you start to study, it’s crucial that you figure out what you should study. You will cover a lot of material over a semester and focusing your attention on the right material will make studying easier and more productive.


  • Pay attention.Your instructor may give clues or instructions about what material you should focus on.
  • Start with the hard stuff.Use the stoplight approach if you are having problems applying or understanding key concepts.
  • Check your learning objectives.Look at the learning objectives for your class and your assigned readings for an idea of what to focus on.

Video: How to Decide What to Study

Watch this video to learn strategies that you can use to decide what to study and what to study first.

How to Decide What to Study Video Transcript - RTF

Video: How to Use the Stoplight Technique

Watch this video to learn how to use the Stoplight Study Technique to prioritize your study material.

How to use the Stoplight Study Technique Video Transcript - RTF