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Studying & Test-Taking (Module 2 of 9)

Many new college students share that they “didn’t really study in high school”, “never learnt how to study”, or “just kind of got by”. Post-secondary education is definitely a different story! When it comes to studying, it’s important that you know what you should study, how you should study and the ideal test-taking steps. This unit can help you learn how to study more effectively, and to be more successful when you take tests or exams.

Top Tips

  • Start early.Give yourself enough time to prepare.
  • When studying, start with what you know the least.Study the concepts you don’t know first so that you will have enough time to learn them.
  • During an exam, start with what you know the most.Answer the questions you are confident about, then try the harder stuff.
  • Take care of yourself.Stay healthy; eat, sleep, and exercise.