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Staying Motivated - Module 1 of 4

The structure of online learning is a big change from in-person learning. You may be used to having that in-person routine to keep you motivated and on-track. When you’re learning online, you have to take charge of your own motivation. Keep in mind that the change to online learning can be stressful; managing that stress can help you focus on your studies. This module will help you stay motivated as you learn online.

Things to consider to stay motivated

Motivation is complex. Having and maintaining your motivation is key to your success in learning —online or otherwise— but doing so involves many factors, from your mental wellness, to your desire to procrastinate. To stay motivated, consider the following:

  • Setting goals motivates you to achieve them. Having something to work towards help you stay motivated. The Setting Goals module can help you set measurable, achievable goals that will boost your motivation.
  • A setback isn’t the end. Don’t let problems kill your motivation. When you can bounce back from setbacks, your motivation can survive problems than come up. Find out how to recover from setback in the Bouncing Back module.
  • Stress is not beyond your control. There are techniques you can use to manage your stress so that you can feel less overwhelmed and more able to focus. You can find some of the techniques in the modules on Coping With Stress and Problem Solving.
  • You can get better at fighting the urge to procrastinate. You can use strategies to reduce the temptation to procrastinate. Explore these strategies in the module on Getting Things Done.
  • The Strive + Podcast covers issues you may be facing. This podcast focuses on things like navigating hectic schedules, developing positive habits when life is less than perfect, and maintaining clarity and focus. You can listen and reflect on a regular basis.