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What is navigating technology about?

Learning online obviously involves a fair bit of technology. Even learners who normally use many digital tools can find themselves learning in a whole new way, and interacting with unfamiliar technology. Whether you’re a digital newbie or very comfortable with computers, you can find information to help you thrive online in the following ways:

  • Make sure you can use the tools you need for class online. In the module in the Online Classes section, you’ll find to help you use Blackboard or Brightspace to work with course material. You’ll also find resources on important best practices for internet use, managing all your documents and more.
  • Explore everything you can do with Office software. You’re probably familiar with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, but you might not know everything you can do with them. These tools can be powerful! Discover more about these tools in the modules in the Computer Skills section.
  • Branch out in your online assignments. Academic assignments can go beyond writing papers. Why not make your projects a little more interesting by creating videos, infographics, and more. Find out how in the module in the Online Assignment section.
  • Make sure you’re safe online. The internet is the wild west, so you have to do your best to protect yourself. Find out more in the modules in the Online Safety section.