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Social Media: sub-module 16 of 16 of learning online: online safety category

Social media is defined as online communities where people communicate and share information and content. Popular examples of social media sites include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , YouTube and LinkedIn. According to an Angus Reid poll about 89% of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 use social media at least occasionally. This module will review some considerations you should make when using social media.



  • Think carefully before you postAnything you share online can last a long time, even after you delete it. Don't post anything you may regret later.
  • Check your privacy settingsYour content may be visible to more people than you realize. Check out our Privacy page for information on how to control access to your content.
  • Make a good first impressionSocial media isn't just used by family and friends. Many employers are starting to use social media to screen job applicants. 
  • Consider your healthUse of social media can have an impact on our mental, emotional and physical health. You can learn more on our Health and Wellness page

Social Media and Relationships

When Social Media Goes Wrong

One Bad Tweet

Fired Because of Social Media

Reflecting on the Examples

You've now read some examples of the consequences of sharing inappropriate or questionable content on social media. 

Have you ever posted something online that you later regretted? If you could change it, would would you do differently? 

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