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Studying Smart - Module 4 of 4

Learning online means learning in a way that is different than what you’re used to. It can be useful to learn strategies to help you adapt to this new way of learning. This module will help you remember information and learn more effectively. It will also help you learn to manage your time so that you can accomplish what you need to. The module also includes information on academic integrity.


One of the opportunities presented by learning online is that you can structure your learning to suit your needs. To become more effective in your learning consider the following:

  • You can use tricks to help your memory. Even if you think you have a “bad” memory, there are techniques that make it easier to remember what you learn. You can find them in the Remembering Information module.
  • Learning to manage your time can help you accomplish tasks. It may seem like you never have enough time, and there are too many tasks competing for your attention. To learn strategies to get control of your time so you can get everything done, check out the modules on Creating a Weekly Schedule, Creating a Semester Plan, and Planning an Assignment.
  • There are strategies that can improve your learning and studying. You can reduce the struggle to learn and retain information. Discover some strategies to make your study time more effective in the Knowing How to Study module.
  • Creating a good workspace is good for your health. When you have good digital health habits and good ergonomics, it will help you be more productive. You can find out more in the module on Creating a Workspace.
  • You still need to have Academic Integrity.The internet may be a collection of infinitely remixed memes and therefore rife with copying, but online learning is like in-person learning: you still have to play by the rules. Find out more about academic integrity and what is required of you in the Academic Integrity module.