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Basic Tutorials

In many math courses, it may be assumed you are already familiar with many or all foundational math concepts, and your teacher may not spend very much time covering them. This module contains tutorials on foundational math topics that will help you be successful in your college math courses.

About this module

The topics in this module represent areas of math that are essential for you to understand in order to complete a college-level math course. Each basic math tutorial in this module is broken down into sections. Inside each section, you will find the following elements:

  • A video lesson
  • Detailed examples
  • A short printable summary
  • Practice problems and answers to help you solidify your skills

Use this module to:

  • Check your preparedness for your math course
  • Review key concepts before beginning your math course
  • Get help with a certain topic or practice a specific skill
  • Build math confidence by completing practice exercises
  • Reinforce concepts to help you succeed in your math course
  • Access extra math resources


YouTube Playlist

Visit The Learning Portal's YouTube channel for playlists of videos that can help you develop your math skills.