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Empower: More Learning Resources (Sub-Module 4 of 4 of Empower Module)

The following are a selection of resources which may help broaden awareness and understanding of Indigenous topics within Canada.

More Learning Resources

Movies & Documentaries

The following is a selection of Indigenous movies, TV shows and documentaries. Please note that some videos may not be available freely online. Check with your college or public library for the availability of some videos. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. We value recommendations. If you'd like to suggest a resource, please fill out the Maamwi resource recommendation form.


Movie, TV, & Documentary Recommendations


The following is a selection of Indigenous podcasts and radio. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. We value recommendations. If you'd like to suggest a resource, please fill out the Maamwi resource recommendation form.

Current Affairs

  • APTN Investigates - Indigenous investigative news program, offering viewers hard-hitting reports and stories.
  • canadaLANDBACK - Telling stories through documentary reports, interviews, and panel conversations, canadaLANDBACK unpacks the divide within Indigenous communities and explains why today’s youth will be the last generation Canada can negotiate with.
  • Land Back - Uncovers land theft in Canada and looks at how Indigenous people are reclaiming their territories, identities and lives.
  • Media Indigena - A weekly Indigenous current affairs podcast that features Aboriginal news, views and creative expression.
  • Nation to Nation - Takes a weekly look at the politics affecting Indigenous people in Canada.
  • Thunder Bay - Ryan McMahon's critically acclaimed podcast series exposing the hate-crime and homicide capital of Canada.
  • Unreserved with Rosanna Deerchild - The radio space for Indigenous voices – our cousins, our aunties, our elders, our heroes. Rosanna Deerchild guides us on the path to better understand our shared story. Together, we learn and unlearn, laugh and become gentler in all our relations.
  • Warrior Life - An Indigenous podcast about the warrior life - featuring the voices of Indigenous warriors, advocates & leaders on the front lines of Indigenous resistance, resurgence and revitalization, who are protecting our lands, peoples and sovereignty.

Indigenous Voices & Identity

  • All My Relations - All My Relations is a team of folks who care about representations, and how Native peoples are represented in mainstream media.
  • The Henceforward - Considers relationships between Indigenous Peoples and Black Peoples on Turtle Island
  • Kiwew - Governor General award-winning author David A. Robertson dives into his family's history and mysteries as he discovers and connects with his Cree identity.

Historical Topics

  • Secret Life of Canada - A podcast about the country you know and the stories you don't. Join hosts Leah-Simone Bowen and Falen Johnson as they reveal the beautiful, terrible and weird histories of this land.
  • Telling Our Twisted Histories - An 11-episode podcast series that reclaims Indigenous history by exploring 11 words whose meanings have been twisted by centuries of colonization.
  • This Place - Features Indigenous creators — including David. A Robertson, Richard Van Camp, Katherena Vermette and Brandon Mitchell — and incorporates elements of fantasy and magical realism to examine the 150-plus years of Canadian history since Confederation from an Indigenous perspective.

Residential Schools

  • Kuper Island - An 8-part series that tells the stories of four students: three who survived and one who didn’t. They attended one of Canada’s most notorious residential schools – where unsolved deaths, abuse, and lies haunt the community and the survivors to this day. Hosted by Duncan McCue.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo - Where is Cleo? Taken by child welfare workers in the 1970’s and adopted in the U.S., the young Cree girl’s family believes she was raped and murdered while hitchhiking back home to Saskatchewan. CBC news investigative reporter Connie Walker joins the search to find out what really happened to Cleo.