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Databases, Journals & Reports

This section provides an access point to open-source databases, journals and reports that support learning about Indigenous Culture and Canadian Indigenous Relations.



  • Be mindful of terminology and how terminology has changed over time. You might want to use a Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) to yield the best results e.g./ Indigenous OR First Nations OR Aboriginal OR Native.
  • There are Indigenous people all over the world, so if you are wanting to retrieve articles that speak to Canadian Indigenous Relations you may want to use the Advanced Search option so that you can search both your subject of interest AND the keyword Canada.
  • When you are looking at article abstracts, take notice of the subject terms. These could give you hints on search terminology, keywords or other topic combinations you might want to try searching.
  • Unsure what terminology to start with? Review this list from the Library and Archives of Canada Terminology -open in a new window.
  • Don’t skip over the works cited or reference page on articles. Read works written by the authors that were referenced in a really great paper. You might just discover your new favourite author/academic.