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Digital Skills

Microsoft Excel

This module will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel to organize, visualize, and calculate your data. The links on this page will open in a new tab/window.


  • Use the ‘Tell me’ feature to find a tool.In Excel, you can type your desired task into the box that says, ‘Tell me what you want to do’. It will give you suggestions to help you find the right tool.
  • Format your text using tools on the Ribbon. You can use tools in the Home tab to change the font size, colour, or type face; to make text into a heading; to change where the text appears in a cell (top, middle bottom), and more.
  • Reorganize your data using the sort tools.The Sort tool in the Data tab allows you to organize your worksheet by how you sort one column.
  • Use Charts to visually display your data.The chart tools in the Insert tab allow you to create a chart from data in selected cells.
  • Use Formulas to calculate, analyze, and work with your data.The Formulas tab contains a variety of formula tools that can help you perform calculations and other tasks to make use of your data.

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Check out some of the online tutorials available on LinkedIn Learning - open in a new tab for essential training in Microsoft Excel. If you are attending an Ontario college, you can log in using your college credentials.

Getting Started with Excel

Microsoft Excel Guides

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