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Types of Writing

This module covers the several different types of writing that you may be required to write during your studies and your career. It includes three submodules to guide you through the process of essay writing. Start with Planning and work your way through to Revising. This module can also help you with other types of communication, such as emails and summaries.

What are Types of Writing?

Elsewhere in the Writing Hub, you can find guidelines that apply to almost any kind of writing. Those guidelines are relatively general. In Types of Writing you can find guidelines that are specific to different types of writing. Explore the modules to improve the following types of writing:

  • Essays and academic writing. Start on the right foot by planning your paper, then create a structure and incorporate your sources. When you finish writing, review and revise your paper.
  • Emails. Include the expected elements of a professional email, such as an appropriate greeting, and structure your email in a useful and professional way.
  • Summaries. Read the source material and make notations. Summarize the source material from memory and then compare your summary with the original to verify accuracy.
  • Inclusive Writing. It's important to recognize that inclusive writing goes beyond using the "right words". Inclusive writing involves communicating with care and respect, and an ongoing commitment to learn, reflect, and unlearn personal biases.