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Academic Posters: sub-module 12 of 15 of learning online: online assignments category

In this module, you can learn how to design, create, and present academic posters to share, advertise, or announce information. Proper colors, background images, font, and theme are the ingredients of a memorable poster.



  • Make sure your poster is readable.Use simple language with good grammar and punctuation. Use light colored backgrounds and dark colored text to create enough contrast.
  • Make sure your text is legible. Text should be readable from a distance of at least 5 feet. Don't overlap text and images.
  • Organize your poster logically.For maximum impact, text and items in the poster must be grouped logically and present a smooth flow of ideas.
  • Be succinct.You have limited time to grab your audience’s attention. Make every second they look at your poster count towards conveying your message.
  • Present your ideas in a visually appealing way.Add colors, images, charts, and a theme to your poster. Make sure you cite your pictures!.