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Digital Storytelling: Module 8 of 10

At a basic level digital storytelling means using technology to tell stories. You can tell digital stories in many ways, for example: through text on a website or social media tool, through narration and images in a video, or through narration in a podcast.

Digital stories are not just facts presented with accompanying images, they are narratives crafted to take the listener or reader on a journey. Just like a novel or a documentary, digital stories have a plot, characters, and themes.


  • Use the “dramatic arc”. Format your pitch using the ‘dramatic arc’ storytelling technique to tell a compelling story.
  • Write a script.This is the single most important thing you can do to save time during filming and editing.
  • Use background music.Music can bring your pitch to life.
  • Narrate your story with personality. Be dramatic, be funny, be somber, whatever emotion your story is trying to convey.
  • Find free images and icons.Look at sites that offer free images to add variety to your pitch, but remember to cite your images.
  • Make sure something is happening on the screen every 3-5 seconds. Use animation, panning and zooming to keep the viewers' attention.
  • Choose the best tool. There are many tools you can use to create your story; choose the one that fits your story best.