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Infographics: sub-module 10 of 15 of learning online: online assignments category

Infographics are visual representations of data, using images and charts for easy and quick reading and analysis.



  • Decide what you want to say.What do you want to get across to your reader? Think about the different ways data can be visualized
  • Sketch out your design.Always sketch a draft of your design on paper before creating your graphic using software as your design may change many times.
  • Choose your software.There are many tools to choose from, all requiring different technology skills, choose the one that you’re most comfortable with, and that does the job.
  • Find images. Infographics without graphics are just information. To find royalty-free or copyright free images, try searching sites like Flickr (opens in a new window), Pixabay (opens in a new window), The Noun Project (opens in a new window), Flaticon (opens in a new window) and Google Images (opens in a new window). Be sure to use the filters to search for images that are free to re-use or have a Creative Commons license, otherwise you may not be allowed to use them.
  • Take notes of the sources, and remember to cite.Cite all images and information used but try not to impact the design of the infographic.
  • Put them all together.Once you have your plan, build all your graphics and data together. For animated infographics, you can upload your video to YouTube, OneDrive, Google Drive, or DropBox and then share the link with your audience.