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Prepare to Search (Module 1 of 6)

Doing some preparation before you begin your search can set you up for success. To get ready to search, you need to develop an appropriate and useful search topic, determine what types of materials you need, and choose the right databases to search.

About This Module

This module can help you prepare to search for resources. Explore each of the submodules to discover strategies for developing a topic, choosing the right materials, and selecting the right databases. You will learn how to do the following:

  • Identify strategies for selecting a topic that is appropriate to the assignment
  • Identify the elements of a PICO question
  • Describe the process of refining a topic through concept mapping
  • Differentiate among various types of resources that are relevant to course assignments in the health sciences
  • Differentiate between the different types of search interfaces and understand which search interface type to use for various types of resources