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The Umbrella Project: A Harm Reduction Toolkit(sub-module 2 of 2)

Using a harm reduction approach, a socioecological framework and evidence based practices, The Umbrella Project was created to address mental health and substance use issues of emerging adults within a postsecondary institution. This toolkit includes the background and approach used at Algonquin College, an overview of the framework and examples of how each strategic area was incorporated on campus. The Umbrella Project: A Harm Reduction Toolkit has been created with the purpose to assist and support other colleges and universities in building a harm reduction framework for their campus.


Harm Reduction Framework for Post Secondary Institutions

Shifting the substance use culture on campus is not an easy or quick process. Research and literature demonstrate that using a harm reduction approach to students’ substance use is the best practice. To be effective, harm reduction messaging and interventions need to be more than a one-off campaign or poster. By using a socio-ecological model, harm reduction can be infused into the campus on many levels. We adapted Postsecondary Education Partnership — Alcohol Harms’ (PEP-AH -opens in a new window) socio-ecological framework to inform six strategic areas, under Individual, Institution and Environmental approaches.

Six Strategic Areas

Download the Six Strategic Areas PDF version. -opens in a new window

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