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Umbrella Project: Online Training (sub-module 1 of 2)

This guide provides online training and resources to help staff and faculty become more familiar with harm reduction and how they can support students and contribute to a healthier, safer campus. Harm reduction is an umbrella term for policies and practices focused on reducing the problematic effects of alcohol and other drug use.

The online training in ‘Helping Students Succeed: Navigating Through Problematic Substance Use’ is provided through the AC Umbrella Project, a harm reduction initiative at Algonquin College. The Umbrella Project is creating a safer space on campus to discuss how the use of alcohol and other drugs impact students’ lives and focuses on helping students reduce any problematic effects they may experience. It provides training, workshops, education, awareness, and support services for students and staff.


The Importance of Building Healthy Campuses

Creating healthy campuses and supporting students to be successful in their education and future careers is a win-win. Colleges have the ability to support students’ mental health and well being through programs, services, and training.

The following support services may be available at your college and can be valuable resources to help students:

  • Counselling Services
  • Health Services
  • Residence Services
  • Accessibility Services
  • Indigenous Students Centres