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LP Content Creation Kit

LP Content Creation Kit : Terms and Conditions for Collaboration

Guidelines, tips and templates for the development of content for the Learning Portal

Terms and Conditions

The following terms apply to all colleges that contribute to The Learning Portal. They outline the responsibilities and roles of The Learning Portal participants. 

  1. The Learning Portal participants agree to take ownership and accountability of the content that they create. Each college is responsible for ensuring the accuracy, grammatical correctness, and overall quality of their content. Algonquin and Seneca can assist with instructional design principles, accessibility compliance, graphic design, etc.
  2. The Learning Portal participants are responsible for verifying that any content that is used or adapted by them adheres to the copyright licence of the original product.
  3. The Learning Portal participants agree to attempt to involve people at their respective colleges who can design and create digital activities, or who can serve as an advisor for instructional design, storyboarding, or accessibility.
  4. The process for the creation of hubs is as follows: The Learning Portal participant groups use the Hub Layout Template to plan their hub layout, and input the content of their hub into the Hub Content Template, including text and links to activities and videos. Algonquin College will then use these two documents, as well as any additional documents such as transcripts or tip sheets, and add the content to The Learning Portal.